About TaiSEIA

TaiSEIA was established in Jun 2014 for facilitating the development of the smart energy industry including smart grid, smart home, smart building, and green data center in Taiwan.
The current activities of TaiSEIA include

  • National standards for smart appliances to support the smart home applications. The standard under discussion covers the appliance, the network adaptor and the energy gateway.
  • Design guidelines of infrastructure for green data center
  • Data center energy efficiency certification system
Contact Information
  • Contact:Wen-Ying Chang
  • Phone:886-3-591-5012
  • Fax:886-3-582-0050
  • Email:kelvin@itri.org.tw
  • Address:Rm.806, Bldg.51, No.195, Sec. 4, Chung Hsing Rd., Chutung, Hsinchu, Taiwan 31040, R.O.C.
Our Mission
  • Encourage cooperation between industries for the technology upgrades and industrial development.
  • Develop the industrial standards for smart energy.
  • Bridge the gap between the industries and the government for smart energy related policy making.
  • Organize activities for the interaction and technical discussion.
  • Become a contact window of Taiwan to similar global organizations.
  • Provide members with related industrial news.
  • Provide consulting services.
  • Implement the resolution in the general meeting of TaiSEIA.
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